Our vision

Caring for customers

Transacta’s Customer Careware creates a more sophisticated and meaningful experience for retail organisations and their customers. It helps you care for your customers by:

  • Empowering employees with the information they need to exceed customer expectations
  • Focusing on reliability, so you can look after your customers even if head office goes down
  • Encouraging deeper relationships with your customers, letting you reward their loyalty with sophisticated customer loyalty features
  • Providing sophisticated and reliable back office features that ensure the whole team can work together smoothly to deliver value to the customer, and your business

Satisfaction for customers and employees

Because your employees have an easier time serving your customers, they enjoy their job more. Likewise, the customers have a superior retail experience, so are more likely to return and form longer-term relationships with your brand and your staff. This results in a virtuous cycle of increasing customer and employee satisfaction. It doesn’t take long before this improves your bottom line.

Exceed customer expectations

Transacta’s flexibility means it can adapt it to your specific retail environment. You can distinguish your business from your competitors and delight your customers by flexibly meeting their unique needs.