Top ten reasons

1. Multi-sector

The only point of sale solution on the market that covers specialty, mobile phone, pharmacy, books, eyewear, department store, forecourt, airport, convenience, apparel, grocery and food service all in the one product. Future-proof your business by going with a point of sale solution that will allow you to enter new retail sectors with ease.

2. Multi-platform

BeanStore is hardware, operating system and software infrastructure independent. We support IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Open Source software stacks out of the box. You choose the technology that best suits your organisation.

3. Multi-country

BeanStore is multi-currency and multi-language capable including support for wide characters. Currency denominations, rounding, tax rates and tax schedules are all controlled through data and configuration. A single instance of BeanStore can support multiple countries so your expansion plans are safe.

4. World class

BeanStore POS has been chosen by 127 retailers representing in excess of 186,000 tills in over 31,000 stores in 43 countries.

5. Mobile POS and omni-channel enabled

BeanStore comes with several Mobile POS options for iPod/iPhone/iPad and Windows Tablet and include EFTPOS facilities for Debit, Credit and “PayWave” card payments. BeanStore is omni-channel enabled through our Vision Channel Manager real-time integration and routing layer. BeanStore is Click and Collect ready.

6. Our track record

We have the technology, the people, the products and track record to implement a retail system for your organisation, whether large or small. We can be trusted to make your next POS implementation a success.

7. Scalable and robust

Our products scale from a few stores to a few thousand, and can scale across multiple brands as well. So as you grow or diversify, your POS will move with you. BeanStore is written in Java and employs open industry-standard interfaces, which means you get reliability and scalability.

8. Franchise ready

BeanStore’s flexible design means head office can manage core functions while individual franchisees take care of the day-to-day operation.

9. Arts compatible

BeanStore conforms to the published specifications of the Association of Retail Technology Standards (ARTS). With BeanStore you know that it will be compatible with other ARTS compatible enterprise retail applications limiting integration costs and delays.

10. Our partnerships

Transacta can bring a range of value added partnerships from hardware vendors to compatible enterprise application solutions and top flight retail consultants.