Tyco Water

Providing Tyco Water with a robust POS system for their retail and trade platform


With 21 stores throughout regional areas in all States, over 10,000 products and 11 disparate databases, global conglomerate Tyco’s Water Dynamics division required a robust POS system to provide a common retail and trade platform across the entire business. Water Dynamics was also looking for process improvements through better inventory and supply chain integration and better manage- ment of its creditors, debtors and working capital.

Water Dynamics selected the Transacta In-Touch POS system because of its unique and detailed trade and retail functionality and its proven ability to deliver.

If anyone was remotely connected to the world of business system implementations, they would empathise how daunting a task it is to transition a business unit that is operating on 11 disparate databases, three systems spread across 21 locations all over the country onto a monolith of a system called SAP. And add to that, implement and interface another state of the art system for retail, Transacta. But Water Dynamics has done it …

– Harish Maganti, Water Dynamics Project Manager