Vision BeanStore



Vision BeanStore is designed to meet the requirements of multiple retail sectors, from just one product. It’s a proven solution that meets the needs of varying multiple store formats.


The traditional retail sector segmentation is either blurring rapidly or narrowing dramatically. Vision BeanStore supports the retailer who expands into other sectors through its layered application architecture and its deployment options. The layered architecture allows changes to be made to the GUI and the business flow for different market sectors while using the same core functions and database. This limits the need to purchase and integrate multiple specialised products. Vision BeanStore is designed as a multi-sector PoS product, with pre-built retail functionality that meet the need for many market sectors. At the other end of the spectrum, as some retailers narrow their focus to be competitive based on added customer value, functionality can easily and quickly be added to BeanStore to meet those needs.

Portable & independent

For technology to have value, it has to offer a business benefit. One of the key business benefits in selecting Java as the technology platform is that it removes the reliance on specific operating systems or hardware. PCMS has implementations of Vision BeanStore running on a wide variety of operating systems including variants of Windows and Linux. Hardware platforms include most mainstream PoS manufacturers in addition to PC based implementations. BeanStore is designed as a long term software solution because the platform you choose today, may not be your preferred platform in years to come. With BeanStore, your PoS investment is protected. Although your operating system or hardware strategy may change, your business solution remains the same. It’s no accident that our solutions use open technologies. In fact, it’s a fundamental prerequisite.

Beanstore architecture

Vision BeanStore provides a level of flexibility, configuration, adaptability and re-use not possible even a few years ago. It’s sophisticated, yet simple. The application is built up in layers:

Infrastructure layer

  • This is at the base of the application pyramid. It is the foundation upon which the whole application is built, and where the application integrates with the peripherals and database. Its
    also what drives the application ‘State Engine’ and GUI. BeanStore incorporates an ‘embedded’ data ‘cache’ to enable it to run un-connected from the network or central database.

The generic functionality layer

  • Contains the basic functions every retailer will need such as scanning, returns, voids, totalling, payment and other functions such as Debit & Smart Card (CHIP & PIN).

The vertical & local layer

  • Adds industry functionality to the market sector, in addition to country specific items such as language and currency.

The custom layer

  • Determines the way the application looks by defining the Graphical User Interface (GUI), the way the application flows and any minor functional variations. These items are the simplest to change and require the least technical ability.