Vision Central/Store Management


vision_central_store_managementVision Store Management and Central Management are both developed in our browser based Java technology. The technology enables a business to make the best decision about where the data and application that the store uses actually resides. The stores themselves can have access to the Store Management functionality by connecting locally to a server in the store, or the same functionality can be accessed to a server located centrally, serving multiple stores.

The beauty of the solution means that the user of the system doesn’t need to know or care where the local browser in the store is connecting to. Naturally, there is a trade off between in-store resilience and network availability, but the choice is yours. Remove the store server and replace it with a more resilient network for your in-store PC’s or network devices, or keep with in-store servers. Both options are available. Whichever option suits your business, the BeanStore PoS solution will continue to trade even if your network is offline, with the exception of only a handful of functions such as online EFT referral for example, as BeanStore is a fully resilient deployed solution designed to run locally on the PoS.

Common functional base

The Vision Store Management and Central Management solutions have been designed together so that depending on where they are run from, and who logs in, will limit the functions and utilities available to them.

For example, a store user will only see the functions that are appropriate for its store, and they will only have access to the functions that the user has been granted privileges to use. This is regardless of whether the system is deployed locally in store, or hosted centrally, providing access for multiple stores.

Regional or Head Office users may be granted access to more functions and multiple stores, so therefore will have more functions available to them as their privileges are likely to be quite different. Access by user is totally configurable. The use of the functionality differs only slightly between a store and Head Office. The way the application runs and operates is exactly the same. It has the same look and feel, with the same type of on-screen controls, buttons and message prompts. It looks like the same application, because it is the same application. The only functions that are fundamentally different are the additional enterprise functions appropriate for multi-store control such as the addition of Price Banding modules and Product Ranging control that are attached to some programs. This delivers more empowerment to the Stores and Head Office, with the ability to react quickly without compromising security, but enabling changes to be made across the whole system quickly and effectively.