Vision Dataflow Manager

Enterprise-class data management

vision_dataflow_managerVision BeanStore’s DataFlow Manager provides an enterprise-class data management suite that has the power and breadth to support retail estates of a wide range of configurations and sizes, right up to a large tier-1 retailer with thousands of stores and tens of thousands of PoS terminals. Its scope covers the following areas:

  • Interfacing of BeanStore servers to other enterprise systems via XML-based data flows over MQ, HTTP or web-services – the Enterprise Bus Interface
  • Synchronisation of reference data, such as products, prices, operators and much more, between servers and end-user devices such as PoS terminals
  • Movement of transaction data from end-user devices to BeanStore servers and then to external systems – the Transaction Controller
  • A console to enable status of data flows to be monitored and, if necessary, corrective action to be taken – the Management Console

Modern software design

DataFlow Manager is based on a modern software design that delivers real-time data availability and high scalability as its key design objectives.


DataFlow Manager provides an open, XML-based data interchange facility for connection to your merchandising, sales audit, stock control and other enterprise systems. In addition, BeanStore can accept un-paid transactions from other systems ready for settlement. This is especially useful for integration with other in-store systems such as self-scanning or with central applications such as web-shopping.

Single or multi-tier

BeanStore’s unique central-server architecture means that PoS devices can connect directly to a central server and DataFlow Manager will manage synchronisation of data directly between server and the PoS terminals. Equally, for those customers who prefer a store-server approach, DataFlow Manager works both on the central server and the store server to deliver a multi-tier data synchronisation solution. This applies both to down-stream changes to reference data and up-stream movement of transactions.

Real-time, on-line data transfer

Transactions are moved through from POS devices to external systems in sub-second response times guaranteeing up-to-the-minute sales and stock visibility. Typical latency is less than a second, even at peak trading. Changes to product and other reference data are propagated to end-user devices immediately they are available. This removes the bottlenecks and ‘overnight update window’ problems that have long been a problem with oldstyle batch-based systems. No more need to worry whether a cross-range pricing review will be applied in time for trading. With BeanStore’s DataFlow Manager, the new data can be sent days or weeks in advance and will stored in store servers and PoS cache databases with a future effective date. Once the new trading date arrives, the new prices are ready without any need for batch processing or other long-winded tasks.

POS resilience

A key end-point for DataFlow Manager is the PoS data cache which provides for near 100% off-line trading capability. A key feature is that there are always two caches available – the active cache in use by the PoS application and the passive cache against which DataFlow Manager makes its changes. Swapping of the cache only happens when all changes are successfully applied AND the PoS is ready to accept the new cache. This avoids both inconsistent data and having data change during a transaction – perhaps leading to the same item being sold at two prices in the same sale.

New generation

PCMS firmly believe that the Vision DataFlow Manager represents a new generation of data management solutions for the retail industry; one which offers customers a significant improvement in features, performance and data availability compared to competitive solutions.