Vision InterActive


interactiveVision InterActive is a browser based selling, customer ordering and customer returns solution suite ideal for department stores or any environment where a consultative interactive selling approach takes place with the customer.


Vision Interactive is based on our J2EE browser based architecture which enables the application to be accessed from anywhere in the enterprise, but hosted from one convenient central location. This is especially useful where the solution needs to be accessible by multiple branches, but only one central point needs to be kept up to date with key data such as product, inventory and fulfilment data for example.


The solution is designed to provide the flexibility to choose between holding products in our Corporate Database, or, to reduce data duplication it can access existing merchandising and CRM systems online via Enterprise Application Integration.


The design of our browser based screens are extremely flexible. We can easily customise the colour scheme and branding to give it your corporate look and feel while at the same time the design utilises a ‘workflow’ method that helps the user determine the next stage in the process. This is extremely useful for new users who may be unfamiliar with operation and helps them become accustomed to using the many facilities that are available. At the same time, experienced users can either follow the workflow or navigate around the screens as necessary.


The solution is designed as a multi channel selling solution, and works well in conjunction
with other solutions from The Vision Portfolio
such as BeanStore and Store Management for
example, or it can be implemented on its own or
integrated into your existing systems.

General features

  • Customer account creation
  • Product search facility
  • Linked service products
  • Stock availability
  • Save and recall a transaction
  • Sale, pickup and delivery options
  • Customer delivery and collections
  • Booking slots
  • Separate delivery address to billing address
  • Deposit and later payment balance
  • Order status and exception management
  • Order tracking and event history
  • ARTS based order publishing