Vision TouchPoint


touchpointVision TouchPoint is an intuitive and effective customer facing Kiosk Solution that is designed to be flexible, and can be implemented in a number of technical configurations to meet the changing needs of your business


There is no such thing as an ‘off the shelf’ Kiosk Solution, as each customer implementation is unique.


Our solution provides the fundamental framework using modern Java based technology that allows a high degree of customisation in the design and implementation of the application. Vision TouchPoint is based on the Vision BeanStore client based deployed client technology for implementations where bandwidth is minimal and there is a need to store the application and data on the kiosk itself. This technology works especially well when intensive graphical processing is required such as animation techniques the use of Macromedia FLASH generated moving images.

Market sectors

Like all our products, Vision TouchPoint is engineered to be adaptable for multiple retail channels, using our common technology framework. Specific functions that you require can be added without changing any of the technology infrastructures. The only real limit to the flexibility of this solution is your creativity.

Kiosk functionality

A Kiosk solution is something that is very unique in virtually every implementation. Very rarely will two solutions ever be the same in the user experience and functionality they offer the customer.

Vision TouchPoint brings high quality images, and location sensitive content enabling targeting of specific products and advertising to specific stores, locations and environments. As described before, the only real limit to the Kiosks use is your imagination. However, here are some capabilities we have built:


  • In environments where there is high traffic of foreign speaking customers, for example: Airports or popular tourist areas it’s important to communicate with customers in multiple languages. TouchPoint can be configured to prompt the customer to select their preferred choice of language.

Price checking

  • By swiping the barcode of a product under the built-in scanner, TouchPoint will display the current PoS price, in any number of currencies. This is ideal for when you have products in multiple locations that are difficult to price individually or at the shelf edge.

Currency conversion

  • Select a range of currency images and the prevailing exchange rate on that day will be displayed. Again, crucial in environments where you may have international customers passing through.

Loyalty card points checking

  • The customer can easily swipe their loyalty card on a built in card reader where TouchPoint can link to the scheme host and interrogate the account, informing the customer of the accumulative points to date.

Interactive catalogue

  • By taking a range of products you sell on your website or paper based catalogue, we can take the images and produce an interactive shopping experience. Payment options include accepting cash, and payment by Chip & PIN cards. When paying by cash, we enable the kiosk to produce an order slip that the customer takes to the cash desk where the order they have made on the kiosk is then recalled by scanning the slip barcode.
  • Secure cash payment can then be made at the regular POS terminal. When paying by card, a Chip & PIN device can be integrated into the kiosk housing for secure card processing.


  • Full screen high quality images can be activated as a screen saver displaying products or marketing messages. These could be different depending on the store and indeed the location of the kiosk within the store. This is a great way to sell the advertising space to suppliers of the products you are selling.


  • The kiosk can be used to print a coupon that can be redeemed at the PoS where it can activate a promotion incentive.

Customised design

A kiosk solution tends to be very specific to a customer needs and that of their target audience, it’s critical that the design is thoroughly thought out and easy to use.

We deploy a number of techniques to ensure that the final solution meets the requirements, from producing a ‘Storyboard’, where every screen and step is mapped out in full, through to producing a realistic looking prototype so that the full effect can be evaluated before the final solution is produced. Finally, in addition to actually developing and configuring the solution we involve our skilled graphics team at every stage of the design where high quality images and intuitive screens are produced.

The image here is just an example, and a customised solution complete with your own branding and a unique ‘look and feel’ can be produced.