Vision WeighPoint


weighpointVision WeighPoint is designed to offer a simple to use customer facing self service weigh scale solution for retailers, particularly those in the food and convenience sector.

PCMS have worked with Metler-Toledo to integrate our WeighPoint application onto the Metler-Toledo self weigh unit offering retailers a simple customer facing solution for weighing and pricing loose products.

The WeighPoint software is essentially, another configuration of the BeanStore POS solution. As the software and the data sources are the same (irrespective that the devices are used for different purposes) this means the addition of new products or alterations to product prices for example are sent from the centre using BeanStore’s Central Management component and the changes are applied in-store to both the POS device and the Weighing device.

This offers a significant operational cost saving as only one data set is required to be changed at the centre and the Central Management software ensures that the new changes are applied to all devices in store whether they are a POS, kiosk or in this case a weigh scale.

This solution can also be implemented in other formats such as:

  • Delicatessen counters
  • Fresh Meat
  • Fresh Fish
  • Bakery

The Metler-Toledo weigh scale can also have additional peripherals attached to it such as a cash drawer, scanner and printer for example.

This configuration of the solution offers Convenience retailers a POS and weigh scale solution that’s totally integrated saving space on the counter and reducing the amount of computer equipment needed in-store.