Trade/Retail Products

Transacta In-Touch”

Transacta In-Touch” is a state-of-the-art, high availability, retail point of service (POS) system. It is intuitive to use and fully customisable version of BeanStore which has been adapted to meet the specific needs of Trade/Retail outlets.

In-Touch is written in Java and uses open-standards such as JPOS making the product compatible across a wide range of POS hardware and peripherals.

Transacta In-Control” (Store)

Transacta In-Control” (Store) is a back-office store administration system for customer, product, price and retailer management.

Transacta In-Control” (Head Office)

Transacta In-Control” (Head Office) is an administration system providing customer, product, price and retailer management for the entire enterprise. It includes the ability to set pricing strategies, control merchandising, and manage stock levels across more than one store.

Transacta On-Line”

Transacta On-Line” is a browser based interface which allows you to make limited enquiries on other stores from any computer connected to the Internet.

Transacta Head Office Server

Transacta Head Office Server is the main engine that controls the In-Control (Store) and In-Control (Head Office) products.

Transacta Merchandise Management System (MSS)

Transacta Merchandise Management System (MSS) is for customers who have chosen not to integrate Transacta with an ERP system (e.g. SAP). The MSS is a suite of sophisticated Excel macros enabling customers to easily manage products and prices, re-order quantities and make ad-hoc orders to stores etc., in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format.